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Hands holding a brochure.

In the old days, promoting a company or product involved having business cards, brochures, flyers, and ads printed on paper. With the leaps and bounds of technology, we have witnessed the evolution of promotional materials. Business cards and flyers are still indispensable as a person-to-person way of promotion, but to reach more people in a more cost-effective way, websites have now taken the job of brochures.

A brochure website can be a cost-effective way of promoting your business or product to a lot of people. A brochure type of website, like its real-world counterpart, acts as a 'static' or non-changing informational page on the web. A static or brochure website does not change, all the information in it stays the same day after day.

If your promotional requirements are just to show your prospective clients non-changing information like products on offer, services you provide, ways to contact your business, opening hours and even a map to get to your establishment, then a brochure type of website is perfect for you.

Building brochure type websites involve less time and resources and therefore cheaper to build. Anyone who is proficient in HTML and CSS can build a brochure type website. Cost of building a brochure or static website can run from $0 to $1000, depending on how complex it is. We strive to offer the lowest cost for our professional website services.

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Cost of building a website is separate from web hosting. Web hosting services, like GoDaddy, charge a small monthly fee to house the source code of your website. To learn more about the topic of web hosting, click here.

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